Does NISC provide overnight services in case of an extended stay?

No, ASC’s are day surgery only.  But, the advantage to having your surgery with us is that we are in the same building as Iberia Medical Center for any need for unexpected transfers for an extended stay.

What forms of payment do you accept, and who do I make payments to?

We accept cash, cashier’s check, Care Credit, Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), and all major credit cards. Payments can be made to the New Iberia Surgery Center.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. If you are interested in financing, find out about options available through Care Credit here.

Care Credit is unavailable for Sleeve Gastrectomys at this time.

Can I self-refer to a particular specialist within the organization?

A referral will be from your primary physician, but the specialist can be the choice of the patient. Refer to our list of doctors who are credentialed here at New Iberia Surgery Center.

How do you come up with a single, transparent price for surgery?

Quite simply, NISC physicians are collectively committed to a flat price that is considered reasonable and fair for services provided. With this level of commitment, combined with our efficiency as an ASC, we are able to combine certain fees to minimize costs to patients. The cost savings that we are able to capitalize upon by combining services and fees is subsequently passed on to our patients.

If I have insurance, can I still get the cash price?

Cash pricing is for self-pay patients who make payment in full prior to surgery. Contact us if you feel your type of insurance policy will allow you to qualify for cash pricing.

How can New Iberia Surgery Center (NISC) provide surgical services so inexpensively as opposed to other Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC’s) and hospitals?

Ambulatory Surgery Center fees are structured and set lower than those of hospital and outpatient surgery departments.  Our commitment and agreement with your insurance provider sets a standard rate for the type of procedure you will have.  We make a choice daily to be efficient in the use of our time and resources in order to continue to deliver a high level of healthcare at a value to our patients.